Sotnikova doping positive controversy…IOC won’t reopen investigation

The International Olympic Committee IOC has announced that it will not reopen the controversial case of Russia’s Sotnikova, who confessed to a so-called “positive doping test”.

With that, the controversy is likely to end with a whimper.



Russia’s Sotnikova, who won the gold medal in figure skating at the 2014 Sochi Olympics amid controversy over biased judging.

Her confession in a YouTube broadcast that she tested positive for doping at the time made waves.

Especially in South Korea, where she had beaten Kim Yeon-ah to the gold medal 안전놀이터.

However, the controversy was likely to be a blip on the radar as the IOC decided not to pursue the matter further.

Last month, the KOC wrote to the IOC, effectively demanding a re-investigation into the matter, which the IOC ultimately refused to do.

In a letter to the KOC on Friday, the IOC noted that Sotnikova had a final negative test at the time of her gold medal win, and that it was also negative at the time of the World Anti-Doping Agency re-investigation.

It reportedly informed the organization that it could not reopen the case because there was currently no sufficient evidence that she had doped.

The deadline for retaining doping samples from the Sochi Olympics is until February of next year, and if the re-investigation confirmed an issue, Sotnikova’s gold medal could have been stripped.

It was even suggested that silver medalist Kim Yeon-ah could be awarded the gold.

But with the IOC making it clear that it has no intention of reopening the investigation, that possibility has effectively disappeared.

Sotnikova had previously claimed her innocence after her comments went viral, saying that her doping sample had only been found to have a scratch on it.

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