T1 Faker advances to PO 2R “We won the game, but we didn’t play well”

After finishing the regular season in fifth place, T1 defeated fourth-ranked DK to advance to the second round of the POs.

T1 defeated DK in the second game of the first round of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split playoffs at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on September 9, with a set score of three games to one.

Below is an interview with T1 after the game.

How did you feel about winning the match?

Acting Head Coach Lim Jae-hyun: We won 3-1, but it was a close game. There could be a match tomorrow, so we have to see what KT will do. We will quickly make up for our deficiencies.

Faker: We won 3-1 and I’m happy with the win. We didn’t play well, but we’ll make up for it in the next match.

How did you prepare for today’s match?

Acting Head Coach Lim Jae-hyun: I thought it would be tricky for Red to swap because they have not only a mid lock but also a canyon when they ban, so I planned a strategy to prevent that. In the first round of the ban pick, I was fine. After the second set, I decided to revise the lower round banpicks.

The first and second set banpicks were similar.

Acting Head Coach Lim Jae-hyun: In the second phase, my opponent compensated for it, so I decided to take the initiative from the top instead of taking the Atrox.

You said your performance was disappointing.

Faker: We didn’t react well to the early pressure, and that’s a shame. We were a little bit more focused in the middle than they were and we were able to win.

How is your wrist feeling right now?

Faker: I’m playing with a different stance. I’m playing in a position that allows me to be free from those main symptoms. It’s getting better, and I’m still adjusting to the position, so I’m slowly building up my game.

What is your performance like with the new position?

Faker: If I say 100, I’m not quite there because I’m still adjusting.

What are the advantages of KT and Genji?

Lim Jae-hyun: KT is strong in engagement, while Genji is more of a side operation.

Faker: I think similarly.

They have to deal with Bididi, Chobi, and Zeca.

Faker: They’re all different colors. They’re all good in their own style. I think they’re good players for their respective teams.

What do you think of T1’s current performance?

Acting head coach Lim Jae-hyun: Even before Faker got sick, I don’t think we were perfect as a team. There was some impatience from the players. When Faker was out, each player realized their deficiencies and adjusted. We’re playing better now.

What are T1’s goals?

Acting head coach Lim Jae-hyun: Before Faker’s return, we were thinking of going to the World Championship. Now we’re in good shape and playing well, so we’re looking to win the Summer regardless of seeding.

Faker: My goal is to improve my performance. If I can do that, I’ll have a good chance. But it’s not easy to be confident of winning at this point. I think it’s possible with a little more effort.

Are there any teams you’d like to see at the World Championship?

Lim Jae-hyun: I want to meet Jingdong again after losing to them at MSI.

Faker: I’d like to meet the LPL team and have a good match, and I’d like to meet JDG again and have a good match and give them a lot of fun.

End of the interview

Acting Head Coach Lim Jae-hyun: We should meet KT or Genji. No matter who we meet, we won’t be afraid, and we’ll make up for our deficiencies with the mindset that we can win, so we’ll have a good showing in the second round. 메이저놀이터

Faker: We won the game, but it wasn’t the performance I expected. Next time, I will play the way I want to play.

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