KT dominates, takes first set in 24 minutes over telecom rival T1

KT Rolster is a runaway train. KT overwhelmed T1 with their hitting power. T1 couldn’t even fight back and were brought to their knees. It took KT just 24 minutes to destroy T1’s nexus.

KT dominated the one-hit engagements and took the first set against T1 in the second round of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Season playoffs at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Tuesday.

The pressure was on from the start for KT. Moon “Curse” Woo-chan tried to cut off T1’s top laner Woo-je “Zeus” Choi in the third minute, and as Choi was chased, Moon “Owner” Hyun-jun “Moon” went to help, but KT’s Kim “Gi-in” Ki-in and Kwak “Biddy” Bo-sung “Biddy” Kwak opened up the engagement and KT succeeded in taking both Choi and Moon Hyun-jun.

KT got off to a good start with the first kill, but T1 immediately fought back. While KT took the first dragon, T1 managed to capture Woo-chan Moon. In a tense nervous battle, a massive engagement took place in front of the Herald of the Canyon at around the 9-minute mark, with KT picking up two more kills. Soon after, the team grew significantly, with Son “LiChenz” Xiu attempting a mid-gank and Kwak “Faker” Bo-seong picking up Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk.

KT continued to rack up the points, picking up kills from every line here and there. At around the 12th minute, Kim “Aiming” Haram picked up Lee “KumaYushi” Min-hyung on the bottom to extend the kill score to 6-2. At 15 minutes, an engagement took place in front of the dragon’s nest, and KT won again with two more kills. Just 17 minutes into the game, the gold gap between the two teams was over 5000.

At around the 18-minute mark, KT built a third dragon stack. Needing a breakthrough, T1 continued to try to shut down Kwak-Bo-sung and succeeded in doing so with a two-for-three kill on the bottom to take control gold. However, the initiative was still in KT’s favor. Around the 20th minute, KT went on a baron hunt to solidify the win and T1 tried to stop them. KT got the Baron and T1 tried to get a kill, but couldn’t capitalize on it. KT was clearly in control with a 7000+ gold gap. 스포츠토토

At around 23-minutes, a massive fight broke out in front of the dragon and KT landed an ace to win the game. With the momentum in their favor, KT continued to advance into the T1 main lane, destroying the nexus in 24 minutes to take the first set.

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