‘SON→Romero+Medicine absolute trust’ Postecoglou’s relaxation, “I don’t argue with Messi”

I was excited and worried. I was leaning toward the latter. Australian manager Enze Postecoglou is off to a flying start.

Spurs may have been knocked out of the League Cup in the first round, but they’re cruising in the English Premier League (EPL) with three wins and a draw. With 10 points, Spurs are in second place behind Man City (12 points), who have won all four of their games.

At the center of it all is Son Heung-min. Postecoglou has named Son Heung-min as captain. Cristian Romero and James Maddison were named vice-captains.

There”s no room for Harry Kane, who moved to Bayern Munich. The chemistry between the three is absolute. Their performances have been outstanding.

Son Heung-min scored a hat-trick against Burnley, while Maddison has two goals and two assists. Romero, the center back, is the leader of the defense, and he also set up Tottenham’s first goal of the season.

Postecoglou gave an interview to the UK’s TalkSPORT on Wednesday. He expressed his absolute trust in Son, Romero, and Maddison.

“I don’t want to ignore the fact that we have made an encouraging start, but we still have a long way to go to achieve our goals. “Our new leaders, Son, Madsen and Romero, will play an important role,” he said.

“They are our leaders, and it’s important that the players are at the center of a lot of things. I can sit there and paint a pretty picture, but at the end of the day, the players have to accept it, they have to believe it, and I keep saying it’s their dressing room,” he continued, “They go in there every day. I don’t go into the dressing room. The environment there is key to our success, and it has to be driven by them. Those three guys are the leaders of the dressing room. I think those three players, along with the others, will hopefully lead the way.”

Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) called his Argentine teammate Romero “the best center back in the world right now” during the A-match. Postecoglou was also asked if Romero is as good as Messi says he is.

The response was interesting: “I don’t argue with Messi,” he laughed, before adding, “I wouldn’t want to play against Romero. Most players don’t like to train against him either. He’s a real fighter. I like that about him. Whether it’s training or a match, what you see is what you get.” 스포츠토토

After the international break, Tottenham will host Sheffield United on October 16 in the fifth round of the EPL. On the 24th, the first North London derby of the season awaits against ‘nemesis’ Arsenal.

“Sheffield comes first,” said Postecoglou. We are preparing one game at a time. Of course, Arsenal is the ‘big game’. Whenever I meet people on the street these days, it’s the first game they talk about. It should be a great game. We will focus on this weekend first.”

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