“You’re an expensive backpack with Curry on it!” Green punched the grass because Curry was the reason he was there.

Before last season, Draymond Green threw a punch at teammate Jordan Poole at a Golden State Warriors practice facility.

At the time, the reason for the incident was unclear, and the incident was swept under the rug while Green briefly left the team.

After the incident, Green did not sign an extension with Golden State. He even hinted that he might go elsewhere. But he was always thinking about staying with Golden State.

At the end of the season, Golden State parted ways with Poole. They traded him to the Washington Wizards and acquired Chris Paul instead. 메이저사이트

With Poole gone, Green signed a four-year, $100 million contract with Golden State.

The Warriors dumped Poole in favor of Green, who had been a key part of their championship run with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, regardless of the circumstances.

Recently, however, the reason for Green’s punch was revealed.

On one of Pablo Torre’s shows, “Pablo Torre Finds Out,” Torre and Ezra Edelman analyzed the meaning of what Poole allegedly said to Green at the time, “You’re an expensive backpack with the number 30 (Curry) on it!

The implication is that Curry was essentially carrying Green’s wealth around with him. Green exploded and threw a punch in response to Poole’s comment.

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