“We can’t do anything”: Transcript of Liverpool-Tottenham VAR conversation after ‘catastrophic’ Liverpool-Tottenham match released

The Premier League just had an epic officiating blunder. After admitting the call was wrong, a transcript of the VAR officials’ conversation was released on official channels. The VARs who made the historic call in Round 7 have been banned from participating in Round 8.

The Premier League Secretariat announced on its official website on Thursday (July 4), “The PGMOL (Panel of Match Officials) has released the full VAR Hub audio transcript of the Tottenham-Liverpool game. The PGMOL has recognized a misjudgment in the match.”

The video totals two minutes and nine seconds. Initially, the video examines Luis Diaz’s penetration and Mohamed Salah’s pass. Various angles were reviewed to determine if offside was called, and the offside line was drawn with a 2D line. The VAR said, “Everything checks out. It’s perfect,” the VAR responded.

“You can play (after the offside call),” the replay director said, followed immediately by, “On-field, the decision was made that it was offside.” The VAR let out an expletive-laden sigh as the call was confirmed. “We can’t do anything about it,” was all the replay director said when asked to delay the game.

Tottenham and Liverpool played a tight game 무지개토토. In the 34th minute, Luis Dias rattled the Tottenham net, but the assistant referee ruled him offside. The referee checked with the VAR and restarted play. However, after the game, it was revealed that he was onside instead of offside. Luis Diaz was onside because he was inside the area of Cristian Romero’s foot.

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