Pre-draft Hyun-jin Lee “I hope to see Hyun-seung again in the pros”

“If I go pro, I want to do better than Hyun Seung-i (laughs).”

Hanyang University wrapped up the 2023 KUSF Collegiate Volleyball U-League with a 3-0 (25-19, 25-23, 25-23) set victory over Chosun University in their final match at Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul on Friday.

It was the last regular-season match for the team, which had already been eliminated from the top four, but Hanyang managed to build a high wall against Chosun University. Hanyang, which used blocking to create a foothold in the match, had an 11-2 advantage in blocks.

Lee Hyun-jin (4th grade, 195 cm, OP) had 11 points, including two blocks. He had a high attack percentage of 60 percent and did not make a single error in 15 service attempts to lead his team to victory.

“I’m very happy to finish my last game in the U-League with a win,” said Lee Hyun-jin, who finished the year with a 6-5 record and 20 points. “Even though we didn’t make it to the quarterfinals, I wanted to win at least one more game at home. I told the juniors that even though it was my last game, I wanted to finish well because there is next year, so I told them to do their best until the end, and it turned out well.” Lee shared his mindset before the game.

This year’s season was different. Not only did she have the pressure of being a senior and captain, but she was also separated from her twin brother Lee Hyun-seung (Hyundai Capital) for the first time since she picked up a volleyball. They had been playing together from elementary school to university, so I wanted to show better performance by playing with another player.

However, injuries got in the way. He broke his finger while blocking against Myeongji in the U-League and spent the first half of the season and the Goseong tournament rehabilitating. He was disappointed. “I was worried about my injury and felt like I had to show more,” he said, “but after I returned to the team at the Jecheon tournament, I was able to play well and play a winning game and be satisfied.”

After her return, she was ranked No. 1 in serves (0.588 per set) at the 2023 Korean Air Volleyball National University Games Jecheon and won all three U-League matches in the second half of the season. Looking back on her fourth year of university, she said, “I have some regrets, but I am satisfied because I always worked hard on the court.”

Lee will participate in the 2023 KOVO Rookie Draft on June 30. He is getting a lot of help from his twin Hyun-seung, who joined the organization as an early draftee last year.

“Hyun-seung has already been through it, so he contacts me often. He always tells me good stories, which gives me strength and makes me feel like I can do it,” he said. “I want to see him again in the pros, and if I go to the pros, I want to be a better player than him,” he added in a brotherly way.

“He has the advantage of being left-handed. I can handle difficult double attacks well, and I’m confident in my serve. I will do everything I can to be selected,” he said.

“I had a lot of difficulties in my fourth year of university, and I was grateful that my parents and Hyun Seung-i stood by me every time. I am also grateful to all the fans who always come to the stadium and take beautiful pictures. I will do my best to go to the professional stage by doing my best until the end with a good appearance.” He thanked his grateful fans 스포츠토토.

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