Steph Curry, the ‘Greatest Shooter of All Time’, is back with a new weapon!

Steph Curry, 35, Golden State Warriors, is back with a new weapon.

The 2009 first-round pick is now in his 15th season in the NBA. The “greatest shooter of all time” changed the NBA paradigm with his three-point shot. Curry has proven himself with four championships. His Finals MVP award in 2022 erased his only jinx.

Last season, Curry was as good as ever, averaging 29.7 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 6.3 assists per game. His long-range three-point shooting was still the best in the league at 42.7%. However, Curry was limited to 56 regular-season games due to injury. The Warriors were swept by the Lakers in the second round of the playoffs in four games, losing their second straight title.

A desperate Curry will try to win again this season. The addition of veteran guard Chris Paul should take a lot of pressure off Curry. The good news is that in the preseason, Jonathan Cuming stepped into the starting lineup and was second on the team in scoring, averaging 24 points. Curry is ready to ignite the flames once again. 짱구카지노 주소

Curry’s new shoe, the Curry 11, in action!

Under Armour released the Curry 11, Curry’s new signature basketball shoe this season. Compared to its predecessor, the Curry 10, the Curry 11 features firmer cushioning and a more comfortable fit. Thanks to Under Armour Korea, we had the opportunity to try on the Curry 11.

This reporter is a fan of the Curry Series and has been using them on the basketball court. His first reaction to wearing the Curry 11 was “comfortable! The reporter is a “baller,” so wearing narrow basketball shoes makes his instep uncomfortable. I often have to go up a size because of this. The Curry 11 was definitely more comfortable than its predecessor. The shoelaces were also flat and wrapped around the instep comfortably.

The toebox is now made of a softer material, so there’s no compression when you flex your toes. The heel heel cup has a plastic plate that keeps the entire foot in place. My foot didn’t twist during intense movements. This shoe is optimized for guards who dribble and penetrate a lot, like Curry.

Once again, the Curry Series has the best grip on the court. This is a must-have for a player with a lot of bursts and stops. The most impressive change is the flow cushioning. It’s definitely firmer than its predecessor. It’s much easier to shoot a quick 3-pointer and land and run at the same time.

Many players dream of playing Curry in Korea

The Curry Series is already a favorite of many guard/forward players in the KBL. Top players such as Lee Jung-hyun (Samsung) and Lee Kwan-hee (LG) have worn Curry in the KBL Cup. Yang Jae-min of the Nippon Professional Basketball B League and Lee Hyun-jung of the Australian Professional Basketball League are also Curry wearers. In South Korea, many athletes are dreaming of becoming a Curry player and enjoy wearing Curry shoes.

Even amateur players want to be Curry. Under Armour is hosting the UA 5X5, a five-on-five basketball tournament, again this year. This year, 48 teams participated in the tournament, including 12 high school teams, 24 men’s general teams, and 12 women’s general teams, and the finals will be held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on March 28.

In the finals, four high school teams, four men’s general teams, and four women’s general teams will compete for the championship trophy and a total of 50 million won in prizes and benefits.

Under Armour is so serious about supporting basketball that they hosted the UA CAMP NEXT SERIES KOREA in May to support elite basketball prospects. Under Armour hopes that the up-and-comers in Korea will be able to shoot cool 3-pointers like Curry.

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