Tottenham introduces legacy number…Son Heung-min ‘805’ says he’s “a Spurs legend”

Tottenham Hotspur have introduced legacy numbers. Son Heung-min is number 805.

“The club has launched a new project to celebrate the contribution of every player who has made a first-team appearance for the club,” Tottenham announced on the club’s website on Saturday. Following extensive research by the club’s historians, there are now 879 legacy numbers. The legacy number is available to every player who has played from an FA Cup match in October 1894 to the present day and represents their place in Tottenham’s history,” the club said in an official statement.

This means that every player who has ever played an official first-team match for Tottenham has a unique number. The order of the legacy numbers is based on several criteria. For the first game, 129 years ago, they were assigned in alphabetical order of the starting players’ names. From then on, they were numbered in the order of their debut.

There are certain criteria. If they make the same debut in the same game as a starter, they are numbered alphabetically by name; if they are substitutes in the same game at different times, they are numbered by the time they entered; and if they are substitutes at the same time, they are numbered by the order in which they entered the field.

The list goes from Stanley Briggs, number 1, to Alejo Velis, number 879, with Son Heung-min being number 805. The Tottenham organization only wrote introductory remarks for certain people who are legends, and Son was one of them. “His status as a star in world soccer continues to rise and he has become a Tottenham legend. Asia’s greatest football export has captured the hearts and minds of the football world during his time in north London and now, as captain, he is set to write more chapters in his Tottenham history.” 카지노사이트

Son Heung-min joined Tottenham from Leverkusen in the 2015 summer transfer window. He was able to make his debut on September 13, 2015, against Sunderland in the fifth round of the Premier League (PL). He has since gone on to play 382 official matches for the club, producing 152 goals and 77 assists.

Around Son’s legacy number are Toby Alderweireld (803), Dele Alli (804), Kieran Trippier (806), and Kevin Beamer (807). Current teammates Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg is number 841, Christian Romero is number 853, Xherdan Shaqiri is number 865, James Maddison is number 873, and Micky van der Penn is number 875.

Starting with the upcoming match against Crystal Palace, Tottenham players will wear the legacy number on the back of their jerseys.

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