Professional Billiards ‘Kudrong Affair’ Ends Up in Court

The Professional Billiards Association (PBA) and Frédérique Coudrone (BEL), who was nicknamed the “Billiard Emperor” by Korean billiards fans and abruptly left South Korea this season, are in a legal battle.

The PBA Secretariat said on the 27th, “Mr. Kudrong’s claims are not true. We plan to proceed with civil and criminal proceedings against his unilateral claims and defamatory remarks against the PBA.”

Kudrong became the first male player to surpass 1 billion won in prize money when he won his eighth career title at the PBA’s second tour in Ansan in July.

After the tournament, he became uncomfortable while posing for a photo with women’s champion Throng Pheavy (Cambodia-High One Resort), and a personal fan of Throng’s stormed the press conference to protest.

Kudrong later left the league midway through the season after his contract with the club fell through ahead of the third tour.

Kudrong expressed his desire to focus on his individual tour instead of playing in the team league, but the PBA office refused, citing a rule that states that a player’s refusal to play in the team league may limit his participation in the PBA Individual Tour.

As a result, Kudrong terminated his contract with his team, Welcome Savings Bank, and left South Korea, and recently filed for a temporary restraining order with the Seoul Central District Court to allow him to play. 토토사이트

“I haven’t been paid for two years of playing in team leagues, and it’s not fair that I can’t go on a private tour just because I’m not playing in a team league,” Kudrong wrote on Facebook on Friday.

“I never asked for excessive money, I just asked for money that I didn’t get,” Kudrong said. I didn’t cancel the contract, the PBA violated the contract.” “I feel sorry for my fans in Korea. I hope to play again someday,” he said.

In response, the PBA issued a press release refuting Kudrong’s claims.

“The Team League is the foundation of the PBA Tour. Kudrong’s refusal to play in a team league and to play only on the individual tour is a selfish act that disregards the foundation of the PBA and seeks only prize money.”

“Kudrong has made unreasonable demands, including excluding himself from playing mixed doubles in team leagues, refusing to participate in official events and video shoots, removing all photos and videos of him with other female players from the PBA’s official channels, and refusing to film with female players,” the PBA said.

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