Incheon coach Lee Jung-hyo says, “We lost because of me. I wasn’t prepared for the opponent who came down”

Gwangju FC head coach Lee Jung-hyo blamed all the problems on himself.

At 4 p.m. on the 28th, the Gwangju FC-Incheon United match of the 35th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2023 took place at the Gwangju Football Stadium in Gwangju, South Korea. The result was 2-0, a surprising victory for the visitors. Incheon defeated Gwangju with back-to-back goals from Choi Woo-jin in the 31st minute and Kim Min-seok in the 39th minute.

It was a disappointing game for head coach Lee Jung-hyo. Gwangju was unable to capitalize on their strengths against a defensively-minded opponent, and the loss left them without a foundation for second place.

“I would like to congratulate Incheon, the young players did a great job. Congratulations on getting a big point away from home.” “I think I lost because of me. I should have prepared well, but when the opponent came down, I was not prepared enough. The players worked hard for the home fans. The home fans were very supportive. I wasn’t ready for it. The next match shouldn’t be like this. I will make the players understand the details and look at myself so that this situation will not happen again,” he said after the game. 굿모닝토토

It was a 90-minute game that must have given Lee a lot to think about. If opponents continue to play like Incheon did today, Gwangju could find it increasingly difficult. “I think about it a lot. When the opponent has a lot of numbers in the penalty box, movement is important. It’s the difference between a touch and one to three footsteps. We will try to make that difference. The players gave a lot of effort on the field. I lost because I wasn’t good enough. I will try harder,” he said.

There were a few mistakes in the match, including one from goalkeeper Lee Jun at the back. It didn’t lead to a goal, but it was a close call. Coach Lee Jung-hyo said he didn’t mind.

“When you play the kind of soccer you want to play, mistakes happen. We made a lot of mistakes against Ulsan Hyundai. There are many mistakes in soccer because it is played with the feet. I have to think about how to improve. I kept watching Lee Jun at the back. I would have been more upset if I had gotten kicked. He made a mistake, but he kept going. That’s good.”

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