“Son Heung-min is one of my favorite players,” says Arsenal legend to Tottenham legend

“Son Heung-min is one of my favorite players.”

British outlet The Boot Room published a quote from Arsenal legend Ian Wright about Son on Monday.

Wright said, “Beautiful play by Tottenham. Heung-min is one of my favorite players. I’m happy for him.”

A rival Arsenal legend praised Tottenham’s living legend Son Heung-min.

“A lot of the credit for Tottenham’s rise this season has to go to their captain,” said The Boot Room, referring to his presence.

“His presence has been incredible. To be honest, there were many fans who doubted that he would return to his best form after his poor performance last season.”

Son is a living legend at Tottenham. He was the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2021/22 season.

Expectations were high for him in 2022/23. However, there were some who felt that his performance was not as good as it was in 2021/22.

However, Heung-min bounced back. This season, he’s been playing as a frontline striker and leading the way for Tottenham.

Son’s goal streak started in the fourth round against Burnley. In the 16th minute, with Tottenham trailing 1-0 at the time, Heung-min equalized after a passing play with Manor Solomon that saw the goalkeeper come out of his line and find space.

Then, Son Heung-min’s show began. In the 19th minute of the second half, after receiving a pass from Solomon, Heung-min surged forward and scored his team’s fourth goal and his second of the season with a direct shot.

Son wasn’t done scoring. In the 22nd minute of the second half, he found space behind the Burnley defense and found the back of the net again after receiving a pass from Foro. It was his first hat-trick of the season.

It was Son’s fourth career hat-trick against Burnley this season, following those at Southampton (2020/21), Aston Villa (2021/22) and Leicester City (2022/23).

Son also shone in the North London derby against Arsenal. He rattled the Arsenal net in the second minute of the first half, but was denied by an offside flag. Then, in the 22nd minute, a brilliant pass from the right flank found Johnson with a threatening shot that was saved by the goalkeeper.

Son Heung-min, however, responded. He opened the scoring in the 42nd minute with a deft touch to deflect a pass from Madison after a scramble in the box. It was his fourth goal in the EPL this season.

The scoring didn’t stop there. In the 10th minute of the second half, Maddison broke through on the counterattack after pressuring Jorginho and stealing the ball. He played a pass to Son Heung-min, who was one-on-one with the keeper, and he capitalized. It was the fifth goal of the EPL.

Heung-min scored seven goals in the North London derby against Arsenal. That’s more than Robin van Persie, Gareth Bale, and Thierry Henry, who have five.

Son’s multi-goal performance against Arsenal took him to 150 career goals in a Tottenham shirt.

He then opened the scoring against Liverpool to reach the milestone of 200 European goals.

Son found the back of the net for Liverpool in the 35th minute with a simple touch after receiving a cross from the left flank from a Maddison pass.

Son’s six-goal haul in September was an incredible performance. He was rewarded with the EPL Player of the Month award. This is the fourth time in his career, after September 2016, April 2017, and October 2020.

Son also scored a goal against Fulham. In the 36th minute, after a simple dribble after receiving a pass from Heung-min, he tried a right-footed curling shot that went in the back of the net. It was his 152nd goal for Tottenham. 토스카지노 주소

Son Heung-min opened the scoring against Crystal Palace in the 21st minute of the second half with a simple finish after receiving a pass from Maddison and Brennan Johnson. It was goal number eight.

Son Heung-min’s performance was significant. He’s a savior for Tottenham, who have been struggling in attack since the departure of Harry Kane and the ineffectiveness of Dele Alli.

Tim Sherwood, a former player and manager at Tottenham, said: “It’s like he’s been reborn. I think he’s going to continue to play like that,” said Tim Sherwood, a former Tottenham player and manager, praising his performance as a frontline striker.

The praise for Son Heung-min is endless. This time, he’s been called the best in the world.

“For me, he’s one of the best players in world football,” said Tottenham’s Jamie O’Hara. You have to admit he’s a world-class player,” said Tottenham’s Jamie O’Hara.

“He’s been scoring goals in the EPL for a very long time. He has regained his confidence and belief, and I think he’s a great player for a frontline striker.”

He added: “He’s on fire. If he plays every week and stays in good shape and form, we can see the end of him,” he said.

Son’s performance as a frontline striker this season has drawn comparisons to his idol Ronaldo.

Ronaldo used to be a flanker, but after switching to striker, he’s stuck with it.

“Son has the ability to finish with both feet,” said Sky Sports in the UK. He is following a similar path to Ronaldo, who switched from a flanker to a frontline striker.”

“In Son, Tottenham have a dedicated player who scores goals and creates space for his teammates. The Kane move is paying off. He’s doing more in front of goal. He used to have less than 10% touches, but this season he’s close to 20%.”

“All six of Son Heung-min’s goals under Enze Postecoglou have come from outside the box. It’s a useful example of a positional change.”

Postecoglou echoed the sentiment, saying, “Heung-min is similar to Ronaldo. He started as a winger,” he said.

“He’s a really good goalie. I always feel that his movement is excellent. It’s a bit more complicated to play up front than on the flanks, but he’s clever enough to do it.”

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