‘Miracle of 1% Probability’ Winner was Samsung Fire! 1st place Lee Yoon-soo-4th place Yang Soo-hyun hugged… 8% Woori Card also nominated Kim Hyung-geun for 2nd place

The winner of the 2023-2024 KOVO Men’s Rookie Draft was the Daejeon Samsung Fire. After finishing last last season and earning the highest odds to win the No. 1 overall pick, the team was all smiles as the pick they acquired via trade paid off.

Samsung Fire selected Kyungpook National University outside hitter Lee Yoon-soo (20-197.1 cm) and Kyungpook National University middle blocker Yang Soo-hyun (21-200 cm) with the first two picks in the 2023-2024 KOVO Men’s Rookie Draft held at the Mayfield Ballroom at Mayfield Hotel in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, on Tuesday.

Samsung Fire traded with Korean Air to acquire Son Hyun-jong and this season’s first-round pick in exchange for next season’s first-round pick. However, Korean Air, which received only one of the 100 marbles for last season’s championship, beat the odds to earn the fourth pick, beating out Uijeongbu’s KB Insurance (30%). Samsung Fire was the only one smiling.

The order of the picks and the odds of the draw were determined by the reverse order of last season’s final standings. Daejeon Samsung Fire received 35 of the 100 blue marbles with 35 percent, followed by Uijeongbu KB Insurance with 30 (white), Ansan OK Financial Group with 20 (red), Seoul Woori Card with eight (light blue), Suwon KEPCO with four (green), Cheonan Hyundai Capital with two (yellow), and Incheon Korean Air with one (black).

There were also advantages and disadvantages to transferring naming rights. Like Samsung Fire and Korean Air, KB Insurance also received a second-round pick along with Han Sung-jung in exchange for Kim Jae-hwi and Kim Dong-min via trade.

KOVO’s secretary general was the raffle host. As expected, the company with the most marbles, Samsung Fire, won the first nomination. There was a twist at the second spot. Woori Card got lucky with 8%. Third place went to OK Financial Group. KB Insurance, at 30%, didn’t even make it to three fingers.

In fourth place, Korean Air with only one ball. Instead, the cheers came from Samsung Fire, which had the right to nominate. The fifth spot went to KB Insurance (30%), sixth to KEPCO (4%), and seventh to Hyundai Capital (2%).

Samsung Fire earned the right to select the first and fourth picks. With the first pick, they selected Kyungpook National University outside hitter Lee Yoon-soo (20-197.1 cm). She is a competitive attacker who recently represented the national age group team and the 2023 Mungyeong International University Volleyball Tournament. With her height and strength as an outside hitter, she is also recognized for her ability to play as an outside spiker.

At No. 2, Woori Card selected Hanyang University’s Kim Hyung-geun (21-196.3 cm). He can play both outside hitter and middle blocker. He has shown offensive potential as a middle blocker and outside hitter. His strength is his versatile and powerful serve.

At No. 3, OK Financial Group selected Inha University setter Park Tae-sung (22-186.6 cm). He was the first choice for setter after dominating the college stage.

Samsung Fire, who had the right to nominate again, was in a happy dilemma. They called a timeout and considered their options. Coach Kim Sang-woo chose Kyunggi University middle blocker Yang Soo-hyun (21-200 cm). She started playing volleyball in high school and has a short game, but she has high growth potential. She ranked first in blocking in the U-League this season.

KB Insurance, which was unexpectedly pushed back in the order, bet on a high school graduate. They chose Suseong High School outside hitter Yoon Seo-jin (18-195.5 cm). She’s still in high school, so it may take some time for her to make an immediate impact, but she captained the team at the FIVB U-19 World Championship in August, leading them to their third-place finish in 30 years.

KEPCO chose Myeongji University’s Shin Sung-ho (22-188 centimeters). He’s not very tall, but he can play both inside and outside, and his power is his strength. He was the first pick among the fourth-year players.

Hyundai Capital selected Chungnam National University middle blocker Kim Jin-young (21-193.4 cm). He is a player with a clear strength in blocking. This season, he ranked second. He is not very tall, but he has a strong jump shot.

Hyundai Capital then used its first pick in the second round on fellow Chungnam University libero Lim Sung-ha (23-181.8 cm).

KEPCO selected Kyunggi University libero Kim Gun-hee (21-182.8 cm), and KB Insurance, which requested a timeout, selected Sungkyunkwan University Kwon Tae-wook (21-188 cm). He is an attractive player who can play both outside hitter and libero.

Korean Air, which had the 11th overall pick, selected Hongik University outside hitter Kim Jun-ho (21-196.9 cm). OK Financial Group selected Chosun University outside hitter Kim Gun-woo (21-193 cm), while KB Insurance, which exercised its second-round pick in place of Woori Card, selected Sungkyunkwan University middle blocker Jang Harang (23-193.9 cm) and Samsung Fire selected Chungbuk National University setter Lee Jae-hyun (21-180.2 cm) to close out the second round. 짱구카지노 도메인

A total of 20 of the 42 draft participants have crossed the threshold of employment. The employment rate is 47.6%. This is an all-time low. More than half of the players shook their heads as it was lower than the previous record of 56.25% (9/16) in the 2005-2006 draft.

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