“Why don’t you play Lee Kang-in?” PSG legend can’t understand, even the locals… League1 Best 11 for the second week in a row

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) legend Jerome Lotang (45) has recommended that ‘golden boy’ Lee Kang-in (22) start.

“The former France international made a special request to PSG coach Luis Enrique,” France’s Le 10 Sport reported on Tuesday (June 10). “Enrique did not give Lee his first UCL start against AC Milan (Italy). Instead, he preferred Vitinha. However, Lotão insisted that Lee should be a priority.”

“He’s better than Bitinha (PSG midfielder),” Lotang told France’s RMC Sport. He has good footwork. In a game like the one against Milan, where there is a lot of competition, you have to keep the ball.” “When Lee Kang-in came on, he showed that he has good footwork,” he continued. “He hasn’t changed his opinion that Lee should start,” Le10Sport explained.

The French striker is a legend in his own right, having played for PSG from 2004 to 2010, totaling 139 appearances (10 goals). For domestic soccer fans, he is best known for his role in AS Monaco’s UCL run in the 2003-2004 season. At the time, Lotão was a key member of his former club’s core, and alongside the likes of Patrice Evra, Fernando Morientes, and Ludovic Giuliani, he put in a stellar performance to lead them to the UCL final. Rotan then moved to PSG.

Lee’s PSG team lost 1-2 away to AC Milan in the fourth leg of their UCL Group F match on Aug. 8. The team took an early lead through center back Milan Skriniar, but later fell behind to back-to-back goals from AC Milan strikers Hafa Real and Olivier Giroud. The result leaves PSG with two wins and two losses (6 points) and drops them from group leaders to second place. A place in the round of 16 is now in doubt.

Lee was left out of the starting lineup and started the game on the bench. He came on as a 15-minute substitute in the second half and played about 30 minutes, making a strong impression in his short time on the field. He had one shot on goal and one dribble breakthrough, while completing 86% of his passes. Despite his physical disadvantage, he showed great determination, winning one aerial contest. He also made one tackle and contributed to the defense.

In particular, Lee Kang-in had a great moment in the 44th minute. After receiving the ball inside the penalty box, Lee made a spectacular individual move in front of the opposing defenders. He rattled the Milan defense with his clever body painting, and when he found space, he unleashed a confident left-footed shot. However, he was disappointed to see it hit the post. AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Mignolet was slow to react to the rebound. If the shot had been slightly sideways, it could have been a goal. Lee put his head in his hands in disappointment.

At the time, local French media were also lamenting Lee’s storming performance, saying he should have started. Rotan’s opinion was similar. “From now on, he should start without a doubt,” the French PSG report emphasized, posting a photo of Lee hitting the post. 아톰카지노 도메인

European statistical outlets also recognized his performance, giving him a higher rating than most PSG players. Footmob gave him a 7.0 rating, the highest among substitutes. PSG striker Gonzalo Hamus was rated 6.4, midfielder Fabian Lewis was rated 6.3, and defender Nordy Moukiele was rated 6.2. In fact, Lee was even rated better than the team’s starting midfielders Vitinha (6.4) and Manuel Ugarte (6.0).

HootScore.com also gave Lee a rating of 6.69, higher than the three PSG midfielders who started. Sofascore also gave him a 7.2 rating, which is better than any of PSG’s starting midfielders. He’s even higher than PSG core Kylian Mbappe (7.1).

Lee Kang-in has been on a tear in the league. For the second week in a row, he was named to the Best 11 of the league round. On September 9, the French Ligue 1 secretariat announced the best 11 of the 11th round of the 2023-2024 season. Lee was named as a left back in a 4-3-3 formation. Lee scored his league debut on April 4 at home against Montpellier with a powerful left-footed shot. It was a spectacular goal that left the opposing goalkeeper helpless.

Seven PSG players made the list, including Lee. In addition to Mbappe, Vitinha, Warren Zaire Emery, Nordy Moukiele, Marquinhos and Achraf Hakimi were also named in the best 11 of the league’s 11th round.

After the game against Montpellier, Enrique said: “He’s great. I’ve known him since he was in Spain. I knew him when he played for Valencia and Mallorca (in Spain). It was PSG president Luis Campos who brought him to PSG. He’s a great signing and I want to congratulate him,” he said. “He’s young, but he can play anywhere and he’s very committed in defense. He can also score goals. He’s a complete player.”

Lee has been in the top 11 for the last 10 rounds. For the second week in a row, he was among the league’s top performers. Lee picked up his first assist of the league with a ruler-like through ball against Brestoire in Round 10. On that occasion, Lee won the ball in the PSG half and led his team’s counterattack, and after a storming dribble, he fired a fantastic out-and-out kill pass to frontline striker Mbappe. Lee’s pass was precise and Mbappe rattled the net with a calm finish.

At the time, Lee was also named to the Top 11 of the League’s 10th Round Team of the Week by Hoopscore.com. The left-sided midfielder earned a spot in the Best 11, which recognizes the players with the highest Round 10 ratings in each position. At the time, Lee had a rating of 7.95.

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