Son Heung-min defends Asia’s pride…the ‘only one’ in Europe’s four major leagues

Son Heung-min is the only Asian to lead the scoring charts in all four major European leagues 카지노사이트.

On March 13 (KST), soccer publication Score90 summarized the current scoring rankings of the four major European leagues: the Premier League (PL), Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga, and Italy’s Serie A. In each league, there were some surprises. The top five players in each league are listed, and there are some familiar faces.

Son Heung-min is the third highest scorer in the PL. He is behind Elling Holland with 13 goals and Mohamed Salah with 10 goals. He is tied for third with Jared Bowen. This season, Heung-Min has made good on his promise to return to the Heung-Min we know.

What makes his performance even more remarkable is that he is the only Asian in the top five scorers in all four major European leagues, which are home to some of the world’s best players. In the PL alone, three out of five are European. Salah was the only African and Son the only Asian.

In La Liga, it was a European world. From Jude Bellingham, the top scorer with 10 goals, to Gerard Montan Griezmann, Alvaro Morata, and Ante Budimir, all of them are European. The top scorers in Serie A were more diverse.

First-place Lautaro Martinez and third-place Nicolas Gonzalez share the same Argentine nationality and are both from South America. Second-place Olivier Giroud and third-place Romelu Lukaku are European, while third-place Victor Osimhen is Nigerian and African.

The Bundesliga is also dominated by Europeans. From Harry Kane (#1) to Roy Offenda (#3), Leroy Sane (#4), and Jonas Wien (#5) are all European players. Only the runner-up, Serge Giroud of Guinea, was an African.

Of the 20 best strikers in Europe’s top four leagues in 2023-24, 14 were European, followed by three Africans. There were two South Americans, and Son Heung-min was the only Asian.

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