After ‘Worst Season of My Golfing Life,’ Jang Hana “Will Resurrect and Leave”

“I’d go to the range in frustration after a match, and I’d play so normally and get a good feel for it, and then I’d go back out there and be disappointed again…. It was a cycle of frustration and hope. So it was harder.”

Ranked 120th out of 120 players who met the criteria in stroke average (80.73), driving average (204 yards) and greens in regulation (29%). His money winnings were 123rd out of 123. Over the course of a season in 28 tournaments, she earned a total of $5.75 million in prize money, including two tournaments where she didn’t make the cut.

At the SK Shields-SK Telecom Championship, the final event of the 2023 season on the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour, she shot 81-85-84. Her three-day total was 34-over par. She was tied for last out of 75 players, including two who withdrew.

The veteran Jang finished the 2023 season with 19 career wins, including 15 on the KLPGA Tour and five on the Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour (one overlapping with the KLPGA).

After two wins in 2021 and a third-place finish on the money list, Jang plunged into a downward spiral last year, missing nine cuts in 26 events.

Two years ago, she changed her swing form with the idea of playing longer without getting injured. Jang Hana said on the 15th, “Looking back, it was greed. I had been playing for 23 years until this year, but I forgot the importance of the familiar and challenged myself anew.” “I’m going back to my old swing form again, but it’s not easy. My distance is not the same. People around me say, ‘It’s been a long time since you changed your form, why can’t you go back to the form you played for nearly 20 years,’ but…” she couldn’t hide her struggles.

As an athlete at the top of his game, it’s harder and more painful to hear his name at the bottom of the list. The same can be said for the people around him who watch him on the tournament course as he smiles awkwardly and says to himself, “At least I’ve come a long way,” when his drive goes ‘zoom’. 토토사이트

It would have been nice to take a break and recharge their batteries rather than finish the season with a humiliating performance. “I regret that I should have taken the whole first half of the season to rest and strengthen myself,” Jang said, “but I also remembered my swing coach, Kim Chang-min, who poured all his efforts into me when I was in a state of mind to quit golf, my caddie brother, Park Chul-yong, who stayed with me until the end even though he could have gone to a better player, Rainmaker, KCC Auto Group, Korea Payment System, Evergreen Financial, and others who helped me even though I didn’t have a main sponsor. No matter how difficult I was, I couldn’t run away from them,” he confessed.

Born in May 1992, he is 31 years old. Not a bad age. “I’m sick of golf,” he says, “and now that the season is over, I’m going to take a break. Now that the season is over, I want to take a break and find some peace of mind,” he confessed, adding, “I’m leaving for Vietnam on January 8 next year. I have all my offseason plans in place.”

His last words were filled with determination.

“I can leave this world (golf) now. I have a name, Jang Hana, and I will stand up and go once.”

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