“Ferguson called me to Man Utd, I turned him down and went to Tottenham”…Legendary FW confesses after 35 years → Result: FA Cup ‘only once’

Gary Lineker, the star England striker who was the top scorer at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and is now a household name in English soccer, has been caught swearing.

It was none other than legendary striker Alan Shearer, the Premier League’s all-time leading scorer (260 goals). Shearer appeared on The Rest Is Football podcast with Lineker and unleashed a barrage of abuse on him.

“I had two chances to join Manchester United (United) when I was playing,” Lineker said in a clip from the podcast on Saturday.

“Once was before I joined Everton (in 1985). The other time was when I joined Tottenham Hotspur (in 1989),” he recalled. “Especially in the latter case, it was when there was a gap of about three or four years before United’s heyday,” Lineker said. “Sir Alex Ferguson (former United manager) called me, but I didn’t go (because it was before United’s heyday).”

Ferguson took charge of United in 1986. He didn’t turn the club around quickly, but his leadership shone after the Premier League was launched in 1992, and the club was one of the most dominant teams in English and European soccer for more than two decades until his retirement in 2013.

If Lineker had joined United in 1989, he might have been there when Ferguson’s side lifted their first top-flight trophy in 26 years in 1992/93, but instead he headed to Tottenham, where he never won a league title, lifting only the FA Cup in 1990/91.

“What kind of XX would turn down an offer from Ferguson?” asked Shearer, both surprised and mocking. The panel burst into laughter. However, Lineker responded with a fiery “diss” of his own, showing that he could “hit back” at the famous striker.

“You thought you were the first player to reject Ferguson, didn’t you?” he asked Shearer, revealing that Shearer had a history of rejecting United.

Shearer had been approached by United and Ferguson before the start of the 1992/93 season, when United won their first Premier League title. However, neighboring Blackburn Rovers, United’s arch-rivals at the time, snatched Shearer away from the Red Devils and have since become one of the league’s most successful teams 아톰카지노.

Lineker dominated England and Europe in the 1980s with his incredible positioning and goal-scoring prowess. However, Lineker’s place in the team was narrowed by the arrival of Argentine legend Diego Maradona.

Lineker is one of England’s most beloved soccer players. He was the top scorer at the 1986 World Cup and scored over 300 goals in his career, making him a national pride. He was also nicknamed a “gentleman of the pitch” because he never got sent off during his career.

After retiring from coaching, he continued to work as a soccer pundit and analyst, appearing in specialized soccer broadcasts.

In 2015/16, he raised eyebrows when he promised to appear on TV in his underwear if Leicester City won the title. He was convinced that Leicester wouldn’t win the title, but he fulfilled his promise when they did.

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